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Medicaid Application Assistance

The Medicaid eligibility process is often frustrating for applicants and their families. When a loved one is in need of long-term care, it is probable to experience numerous and unforeseen obstacles that could hinder or lengthen the approval process. The added stress associated with the Medicaid eligibility application process is an unwelcome burden, further compounding existing difficulties. These are some of the reasons why you need the expertise of O’Rourke & Associates.

O’Rourke & Associates is a leading resource for navigating the confusing rules and laws surrounding the challenges of the Medicaid approval process. Upon completion of a consultation with one of our Medicaid specialists, you will acquire a better understanding of the entire process, including:

  • A thorough explanation of Medicaid benefits

  • Preserving assets to protect your funds

  • Increasing community spouse income

  • Avoid unnecessary expenses

  • Referral to an qualified elder law attorney, when legal assistance is required

The Staff at O’Rourke & Associates will:

  • Interface with Department of Children & Families directly

  • Shorten the time involved to secure benefits

  • Offer post-planning support

  • Coordinate the timeliness of the Medicaid application process to maximize the receipt of benefits

With O’Rourke & Associates, a secure financial future can become a reality, allowing you to concentrate and focus on the needs of your loved-one. Contact us today for a Medicaid consultation to confirm Medicaid eligibility.

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