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"When my aging mother showed signs of memory loss and physical limitations, it was clear she could no longer live on her own.  She had very limited funds and seemed unable to make quality decisions for herself.  I was over-whelmed with the unknown, the options, and the decisions to be made, and I had absolutely no idea where to start.  A friend told me about O'Rourke & Associates, and I placed a call.  Thank God for Amy and her team of caring professionals! 

On my own, I was floundering with the many tasks involved.  With them, everything was organized, priorities were set, options were clearly explained, referrals were provided, and the sense of relief was amazing!  They referred me to someone who helped find the right place for Mom’s move to assisted living, one that 2 years later still holds up as being the right one as she has moved within the facility to skilled nursing, followed by long-term care. 

Initially, they identified a financial benefit that made the difference between Mom's potential poverty and dignity.  They filed the paperwork, followed up, and explained everything along the way.  Then when she became eligible for Medicaid, they handled every detail.  O’Rourke & Associates communicated so that I understood the effects on my mom, as well as the financial implications.  They worked on our behalf as though she was a member of the family. 

It’s hard to watch a parent age and seem to fail right before your eyes.  Thankfully, I no longer feel alone in this process – O'Rourke & Associates clearly stands alongside our family to make sure everything is handled as smoothly as possible.  I highly recommend their services and am confident you, too, will be grateful for the support they provide."

Barbara M.

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